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Vera the Alien Hunter 2-2: Dancing with Danger (with CD)

(w/o tax 950円)
10 ~ 20%OFF
Publisher e-future
Word count:458
Vera the Alien Hunter is an exciting series about Vera and her mysterious cat, Luca. Together they try to protect Earth from invading aliens. With e-future’s Vera the Alien Hunter, students will tag along with Vera as she sets out to save planet Earth from doom.

• Fun and engaging stories that motivate students to read
• Colorful illustrations that aid comprehension
• Reading fluency activities to improve reading skills and build confidence
• A variety of activities to reinforce speaking
• Graded grammar focus required for elementary level learners
• Vocabulary building, listening, and grammar activities
• Audio CD for students to practice listening and speaking
• Mobile application to support key vocabulary acquisition

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