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AGO Phonics 2nd Edition Orange (Level 3) [AGO Card Game]

(w/o tax 900円)
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Publisher AGO
AGO Phonics card games (second edition) provide a fun way for kids to learn the sounds that make up the English language, with students developing phonemic awareness, and building vocabulary as they play!

* There are 36 different target phonemes and over 100 words to practice in each deck! Target phoneme sounds are highlighted on the cards, with three illustrated examples for each. Engaging game play ensures students' focus and attention!

Level 1 (Aqua) Practices: A-Z, plus 10 "double letter" sounds (bb, ck, dd, ff, nn, pp, rr, ss, tt, zz)

Level 2 (Green) Practices: Blends and consonant digraphs (sh, ch, ph, th, wh), single letter long vowel sounds, and "magic e".

Level 3 (Orange) Practices: Vowel digraphs, diphthongs, soft sounds, r controlled vowels, silent letters, and more...!

64 x 89 mm
53 cards (36 phonics cards & 17 action cards)
1 rule cards (English)
1 Website Information Card.

What’s new in 2nd edition?
All “word families” (air, are, eigh, ore etc.) have cut. (Many will feature in AGO Phonics purple (4th level), due for release in late 2016).
Vowel digraphs from Green level, plus soft sounds from Aqua level first editions have migrated to Orange level.
A few new phonemes are introduced (er in medial positions, silent g, voiced th).
Some vocab items were changed. Some graphics were improved.
The end result… an easier to use set of cards, with a more cohesive set of phoneme targets!

Note: instructions are only in English in 2nd edition single AGO decks, with QR code links and web-links providing Japanese language support and videos. A Japanese instruction sheet is included with AGO box sets.

★AGO Phonics Sound Pad!

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