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in English Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book

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Author(s):Peter Viney and Karen Viney
Publisher Oxford University Press
A funky and friendly, pocket-sized course that gives low-level adult learners confidence.

In English is a new three-level course that teaches essential language for low-level adult students in a refreshingly unique and user-friendly, pocket-sized format. In English takes a communicative approach to language teaching, with clear presentations on grammar and function leading quickly into drills, role-plays and practice dialogues. It breaks language down into short chunks and provides a range of step-by-step practice activities to give students confidence and a real sense of progress.

In English is ideal for the busy or less confident learner. Frequent recycling allows students to retain what they are learning, while the consistent lesson format and regular formula for language presentation and practice avoids overload and learning stress. The pocket-sized format makes the course convenient and practical to use outside the classroom.

In English is fully supported by a large-format (A4) Teacher's Book, containing clear lesson notes, detailed guidance and thirty supplementary photocopiable activities.

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