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Eyes Open Level 3 Workbook with Online Practice

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Author(s):Vicki Anderson, with Eoin Higgins
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Captivating Discovery Education™ video and stimulating global topics spark curiosity and engage teenage learners.

Eyes Open combines captivating video from Discovery Education™, with a unique approach that opens up a whole new way to view the world. Learning English becomes much more interesting, as students discover and explore the cultures and peoples of the world around them.

* High-interest video and stimulating global topics spark curiosity and engage and motivate teenage learners.

* A careful progression of personalised language building activities leads to greater speaking and writing fluency.

* Additional CLIL lessons enable further extension and learning across the curriculum

* Flexible teaching support for mixed ability classes includes graded tests and extra practice activities, plus Preliminary and Key for Schools exam-style tests

* A range of flexible digital tools, including extra online practice via the Cambridge Learning Management System, online class management, and interactive whiteboard software.

ENGLISH TYPE / British English

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