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Listening Express 3 Student Book with Dictation Book & Student Digital Materials CD

(税抜 2,200円)
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Author(s):Jhade Pilgrim
出版社 Tryalogue Education
Listening Express is a three-book series offering engaging listening scenarios and includes themes and topics which were carefully selected to appeal to 21st century learners. Key new vocabulary and grammar are introduced regularly and presented naturally within each dialog or short talk. These words and expressions are then used throughout the book to reinforce what students have learned. Speaking and critical thinking opportunities are also incorporated within each unit.

*Natural dialogs in everyday settings
*Strictly controlled use of words and sentences in each dialogue and short talk
*Carefully selected keywords are practiced with English definitions and example sentences
*Accompanying dictation book helps students further enhance their listening abilities
*Free Class Booster App and Student Digital Material CD offer engaging practice activities, such as vocabulary exercises, sentences building, passage summarizing, and more


対象レベル:CEFR A1+~A2+
英検 3級~準2級
TOEIC (L&R) 120~