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Our World - Coursebook - 2nd Edition 3 Classroom Presentation Tool

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Author(s):Dr. Joann Crandall and Dr. Joan Kang Shin
Publisher Cengage Learning
Our World, Second Edition is a balanced four-skills series with age-appropriate National Geographic content that motivates and excites young learners. Perfect for the content-rich classroom, Our World has everything students need for a balanced, four-skills curriculum, key grammar instruction, and important 21st century skills practice and cross-curricular exposure.
The Second Edition has taken the award-winning content of the First edition and made it even better! Learners experience more of the real world with motivational content including surprising photography, meaningful stories and readings, immersive video, and incredible National Geographic Explorers.

* Clear lessons with more amazing photos and real-world content
* Cross-curricular topics and updated Reading and Writing lessons
* Vocabulary presented through real-world examples
* Improved Grammar lessons with more support and practice in a real-world context
* Original Songs present new language and concepts
* Value and Mission lessons challenge learners to think and grow
* Collaborative Projects encourage learners to show what they know
* New Extended Reading lessons for reading fluency support
* A new video for Starter level is now available in the Lesson Planner

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