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Present Continuous Card Game: Pack 3

(税抜 1,500円)
10 ~ 20%割引
出版社 David Lisgo
Product Code:DL_PC3
This Go Fish! type game, which comes in three packs of 60 cards to a pack, practices the present continuous tense in reading and speaking activities using verb cards. There are four different cards representing each verb, with 60 different cards in each pack. The cards all have the same backs on them so you are able to mix and sort the packs to your liking. The object of the game is to try and collect sets of two or four cards.

Pack 1: catching opening studying throwing climbing having watching writing painting flying drawing brushing kissing sailing speaking

Pack 2: kicking driving peeling hunting singing hugging planting feeding counting destroying teaching baking coloring fixing copying

Pack 3: pulling pushing fighting coaching changing cleaning picking selling carrying making smelling using lifting enjoying collecting