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Speak Now Series: Pack 1 At Home

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Author(s):Mark Kulek
Publisher MSC Press
MSC Press Speak Now Series Pack 1 "At Home" Vocabulary-Based Conversation Cards For All Ages.
We present vocabulary in Themed-Context for easy understanding.

At Home Series includes these themes: Greetings, Family Members, Rooms, Items and Actions in the Home.

At Home Pack 1 has 9 conversation starters with prompts and 46 vocabulary cards, 55 cards in total.

At Home Series is the first in a series of vocabulary-based conversation cards. Every card is gloss-coated, heavy-duty and measures 7.8 x 11cm

This Speak Now Series pack contains conversation starter cards, prompt cards and related vocabulary cards. Each set presents vocabulary in the context of themes for easy understanding. Students will be motivated to learn because they will be able to have conversations that build confidence and result in success.

Made in Japan.

Check out Mark Kulek's YouTube Channel to get advice and tips for using these cards and more in the classroom.

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