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Sterling Biographies®: Matthew Henson

990円 495円
(税抜 450円)
Author(s):Kathleen Olmstead
出版社 Sterling
Product Code:Bargain Bin 44419
He risked the great unknown…and became the first man to reach the North Pole. But it took decades for the cloud of racism to lift and give African-American explorer Matthew Henson the rightful recognition for his extraordinary achievements. Here is the story of Henson’s dramatic, groundbreaking life.

Matthew began his travels as a ship’s cabin boy, but it was his partnership with Robert E. Peary that made history. Although he acted as the team’s indispensable carpenter, hunter, navigator, and interpreter, his crucial role in the expedition went largely unacknowledged.

Kathleen Olmstead, the adaptor of several Classic Starts(R) novels, captures all the adventure, danger, and thrills involved in reaching the top of the world