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Pandy the Panda Level 3 Teacher's Guide (with Class CD and FREE Puppet)

(税抜 4,200円)
10 ~ 20%割引
Author(s):Nina Lauder & Magaly Villarroei
出版社 ELI
Colour Teacher's Book
Step-by-step instructions on how to use the material and carry out lessons.
Includes sections on routines, how to use the posters and puppets as well as extra ideas and material.
Help and support provided for teachers who lack experience or confidence in the pre-primary classroom.
Attractive and easy to use.
Audio CD contains simple dialogues, chants and songs from the Student Book.

Each Teacher's Book comes with a free Pandy the Panda!
Children love puppets, and Pandy puppet can be used in a variety of ways. Pandy puppet plays an important role in the lessons. It helps the teacher present and practice the language. It is a powerful communication tool. Pandy puppet can interact with the children in their real and fantasy worlds. See how Pandy puppet can transform your students lives!!