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Think Read Write 2 Student Book (with CD)

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Author(s):Eric Kane, Christine Graf
Publisher ELF Learning
Help your students enjoy learning phonics, vocabulary, reading and writing with ELF Learning's Think Read Write Series!

208 FREE Teacher Flashcards!! Click here to download and print!

In Level 2, the bright, colorful illustrations and engaging content will help your students learn and use 26 of the most common digraphs and diphthongs. Key Points include:

  • Clear layout makes it easy for students and teachers to use.
  • Main spreads contain sh, ch, ph, ar, nk, th (voiced), th, wh, or, ng, ay, ai, ee, ea, igh, oa, ow, oo, er, ir, ur, oo, ou, ow, oy and oi.
  • Simple spelling rules ‘magic e’ and ‘ending y’ are included as well!
  • 150+ words including nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and more.
  • 26 fun (and humorous!) comics contextualize language and bring smiles to the classroom!
  • Word agreement exercises help with comprehension and implicit grammar understanding.
  • Activity section includes such concepts as word blending, syllables, compound words, alphabetical order and MORE!
  • Full picture dictionary, Teacher’s Notes and 95-track CD included!

Online learning videos and FREE downloadable flashcards will be available for the series.

How to use this book
Think Read Write 2 (with CD)

Unit 1 Sample Pages
Think Read Write 2 (with CD)

Unit 1 Sample Pages
Think Read Write 2 (with CD)

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