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Truth or Dare for English Language Learners ELT Game

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Author(s):Brian Grover
Publisher Speekeezy Publications
Truth or Dare for English Language Learners

An ESL/EFL Game for:
Adult and Mature Teen Learners
False Beginner to Advanced
2 to 6 Players

Conversation-based learning at its best, Truth or Dare for English Language Learners is more than just a game: it’s a chance for students to communicate about real things in a controlled, pressure-free environment. For their part, students might just see it as a whole lot of fun. Used judiciously, however, Truth or Dare can be a useful tool for incorporating meaningful practice into the routine of learning. Use it also to gauge progress with spoken output and assess which learning targets have been attained. A small footprint and simple gameplay make Truth or Dare easy to deploy in the classroom. Whether looking to just reward students, liven up class time or set, test and meet serious goals, Truth or Dare for English Language Learners should be part of every teacher’s bag of tricks.

Instruction Guide (English only)
Mini-Whiteboard (on the spinner board)
Compact Game Box
50 Dare Cards
50 Green Truth Cards
50 Yellow Truth Cards
50 Blue Truth Cards

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Truth or Dare for English Language Learners was nominated for the 2012 ELTon Award for Innovation in Learner Resources. The ELTons are a program of the British Council designed to "recognise and celebrate innovation in the field of English language teaching". Nominated learning resources are assessed on the basis of three criteria: innovation, practicality and effectiveness.

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