Conditions of Use

In accordance with the law for distance trading, please note the following:-

1. Merchant: Dream Blossom Ltd trading as
2. Representative Director: Cameron Nagatomo
3. Address: Houji 607, Miyazaki-shi, 880-0123
4. Telephone Number: 0985-41-6611
5. Fax Number: 03-6745-8045
6. Email Address:
7. Website:
8. Merchandise: English, Japanese and Other Foreign Language Teaching Books and Resources
9. Charges Other than Product Price: Shipping: 550 yen (655 yen for COD orders) if order value is less than 8000 yen, free if 8000 yen or more. COD Handling Charge: 330 yen if order value is less that 8000 yen, free if 8000 yen or more. Bank/Post Office Transfer Fee: Paid by customer. Overseas orders: actual EMS cost plus 5% credit card processing charge (on shipping cost only). No free shipping is available for overseas orders.
10. Payment Method: Bank/Post Office transfer, cash on delivery, credit card (PayPal). Overseas orders must be pre-paid by credit card.
11. Delivery Schedule: Products usually ship within 1-5 working days of order. If this is not possible, we will contact the customer. We only ship to addresses outside Japan by special arrangement, with shipping by EMS.
12. Returns Policy: If merchandise is faulty, damaged or incorrectly supplied, it may be returned at our expense. Return of merchandise for any other reason is at the expense of the customer.
13. Point System Conditions: Certain products we sell may earn points. A general list by publisher can be found on our "Ordering, Shipping & Returns" page, but the exact rate of points earned on any particular product should be confirmed on each individual product details page. The rate of points earned, and range of products on which points may be earned is subject to change at any time, and without notice. Each point can be used on a subsequent order to receive a 1 yen discount from the amount normally payable, for example 100 points can be exchanged at the checkout for a 100 yen discount from your order total. Points cannot, in any circumstances, be exchanged directly for cash. If items are returned to us, which have been wholly or partly paid for using points, the points portion of any refund due will be issued as an electronic discount voucher. If a customer account is deleted by us owing to inactivity for one year (please see no. 14), any points remaining in that account will also be deleted; in this case, no refund or compensation will be paid to the customer; points deleted in this way cannot be reinstated. The points system may be withdrawn, or conditions changed, at any time, and without prior notice. In the event that the points system is withdrawn, we will honour remaining points for one full year from the date of points system withdrawal; after this time, all unused points will be deleted without refund or compensation.
14. If no orders are made from a customer account for a period of one year from the date of the last order, we may delete the account, at which point any points remaining in the account will also be deleted.
15. Warning: Discount rates, points and service policies may be subject to change. Prices of products do vary over time and whilst we make every effort to ensure that information displayed is correct, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies on the site.
16. In the event a customer is unable to receive an order shipped by us and then asks us to re-send it. If the maximum holding period of the post office or shipping company has expired, the shipping fee to re-send will be at the expense of the customer.