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Atama-ii Books: 10 Book Set

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Publisher Atama-ii Books
Product Code:Atama-ii10bookset
Atama-ii Books - Easy English Adventures with 8 Different Endings!

This new series of multiple-path stories is produced in Japan by international award-winning series editor Marcos Benevides, and an experienced team of authors who are also English teachers.

In the Atama-ii series, YOU, the reader, make decisions that lead to one of eight different endings. This makes the stories fun for students and also re-readable many times. It’s a great way to build reading fluency and confidence.

Each Atama-ii story is 2,500 words long. Uniquely among graded readers, each page is restricted to 100-110 words. This makes them perfect for timed reading, group reading, and classroom discussions, as well as extensive reading.

Sample pages from "#1 Journey to Mars"

Atama-ii Books are great for:
  • Individual extensive reading (ER)
  • Timed reading activities
  • Whole-class ‘story time’ activities
  • Small discussion groups
Target users:
  • Age 11 to adult (rated “PG”)
  • Upper-elementary grades to university
  • High beginner level and above (CEFR A2+)
  • Individuals, one-on-one tutors, or larger classes
  • Each page is between 100-110 words; perfect for timed reading activities
  • Each page is beautifully illustrated with full-color art to aid comprehension
  • Each story path is 8 pages long, so word counts are easy to calculate
  • Comparable to 300 headword level from other publishers
  • M-Reader quizzes available
Each story includes a Glossary of Keywords and a Story Map. The Story Map helps students to see the branches of the story at a glance, without giving away the plot.

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