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Dominoes 2nd Edition Level 3 Faithful Ghost and Other Tall Tales

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Author(s):Bill Bowler
Publisher Oxford University Press
A 'Tall Tale' is a story that's hard to believe, and the five tall tales in this book all tell of ghosts. Some have dark secrets buried in the past, others bring messages for the living. Some are laughable, some are sad, and some are just evil. Sometimes there's a logical explanation for the strangest happenings, but often things cannot be explained by logic alone. Either way, you're sure to find some frightening reading between the covers of this book..
Dominoes are a very popular series of graded readers for teachers in all types of schools and colleges who use the series as a supplement to regular course books. .
Before Reading activities provide background information and build prediction skills. .
Reading Check, Word Work and Guess What activities are fun ways to check comprehension. .
Five pages of project work enable you to build class presentations, poster making and group work into your classroom. .
Seven pages of grammar activities in every book allow for consolidation of learning.