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EFL Phonics 3rd Edition: Student Book 5 (with Workbook and CDs)

2,145円 1,609円
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ISBN:Bargain Bin 00194
Publisher e-future
Product Code:9791156800194
** Damaged Cover **

EFL Phonics 3rd Edition is an easy-to-teach five level series for elementary school students who are learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). With the same outstanding core content as before, great new features have been added. These new features will allow children to learn the basics of phonics more effectively and enable them to build confidence in reading while having fun.

  • New enriched listening and articulation exercises
  • New phonics stories and chants with sight words
  • New entertaining game board and flashcards
  • New photos and colorful illustrations
  • New online support for students and teachers(

Click here for sample pages (Student Book 2 Unit 2):
ELF Phonics Student Book 2 Unit 2

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