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My First Writing 2nd Edition 3 Workbook

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Publisher e-future
My First Writing is a fun and easy series for lower elementary students who are starting to learn how to write. This series follows a unique 6 step writing process that helps build the basic skills of writing through various activities and idea webs, while also providing useful tools, including model passages, grammar, and vocabulary. Upon finishing My First Writing, students will be motivated and confident to move on to the next level of paragraph writing. At e-future, we provide an abundance of supplementary materials for reviewing content with your students and making class preparation easier.

* 6 step writing process to help strengthen writing skills.
* Familiar topics children can relate to and write about.
* Model passages with sentence patterns for easy writing.
* Idea webs for systematic writing
* Suitable writing activities on familiar topics
* Various activities to practice sentence structure.
* Fun and convenient writing projects
* A workbook for sentence pattern practice and vocabulary review
* A teacher’s manual filled with supplementary material
- Grammar review worksheets for each unit.
- Writing checklist and Writing correction worksheets

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