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Read Smart Readers Level 3 The Bradfield Push - Sherlock Holmes 1

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Author(s):Hugh Ashton
Publisher Macmillan Education
This book describes an early adventure of Sherlock Holmes, in which he and Doctor Watson enter London's high society in order to investigate a mysterious series of jewellery thefts. In this adventure, where Holmes battles a "push", Watson loses his watch to one woman, and his heart to another. Sherlock Holmes can retrieve one of these, but not the other.

Read Smart Readers, Level 3 (英検準2級), 9,130words

* Read Smart Readers, a new reader series based on Eiken level
This new graded reading series has been specifically written for learners here in Japan. Attention has been paid to vocabulary, grammar and story length to ensure students’ progress with confidence. Read Smart Readers’ 5 levels are based on the criterion of Eiken(実用英語技能検定).