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Read to Write Compositions (Second Edition)

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ISBN:Bargain Bin 88523
Author(s):Ian Munby & Dorothy E. Zemach
Publisher BTB Press
Product Code:9784905088523

Need new materials for your school?

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Need new materials for your school?

Request Inspection Copy
** Damaged Cover **

Second Edition - Now with practice exercises!

Read to Write Compositions takes students beyond the paragraph and introduces them to the basic principles of academic essay writing. The models follow a two-paragraph format that provides a sense of structure without overwhelming the reader. Learners study the models to identify key vocabulary, transition devices, and sentence structures before using the new language to write compositions of their own. A bilingual Composition Writing Manual introduces key elements of good academic writing. It covers a wide range of topics including layout, opening and closing sentences, and punctuation. The Manual provides teachers with a user-friendly system for giving detailed feedback on student writing.

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