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The English Course Speaking Starter and Audio CD (Book + CD Set)

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Author(s):Gary Ireland, Mick Short, Max Woollerton
Publisher The English Company
Product Code:TEC_Starter_SB_CD
The English Course Speaking Starter is an integrated English language course for false beginners. Speaking Starter is principally intended for young adult learners at college or university level. The aim of the course is to balance the communicative-based approach to language learning with cutting-edge technology, for both classroom use and student self-access study.

The units in the textbook are designed to cover appropriate and necessary vocabulary and structures for this level. Each unit in the course includes the following: 2 video clips for listening comprehension, the demonstration of appropriate conversational settings and language use; numerous student speaking and listening opportunities; and 7 online revision/practice exercises on the student self-access web site, plus additional audio material for students to use.

Main Features at a Glance:
Integrated package: textbook, 2 DVDs & self-study web site
Designed for false beginner level
Designed to fit into the 30-week academic year
Plausible situations & practical communication focus
Wide variety of character nationalities and accents
20 video clips, 30 audio-based activities & 10 interactive quizzes on 2 DVDs
DVD subtitles, individual character’s audio and video switchable on or off
Additional audio material online
At least 7 interactive activities per unit on the web site
Full & free online support
Student online activities can be tracked fully by the teacher
Audio & video clips downloadable to mp3 players and mobile phones
Pronunciation/intonation drills for conversations
Fun quizzes that simultaneously test and entertain
Auto-marking online tests and downloadable paper-based tests on the web site

Unit 1: Talking about yourself
Unit 2: Talking about family
Unit 3: Talking about times and dates
Unit 4: Talking about daily life
Unit 5: Talking about likes and dislikes
Review of Units 1-5
Unit 6: Describing people
Unit 7: Describing locations and giving directions
Unit 8: Talking about other countries
Unit 9: Talking about the future
Unit 10: Talking about the past
Review of Units 6-12

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