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Versant Writing Test

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Publisher Versant
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Versant is a test of practical English skills. In contrast with traditional assessment tools, results are available within just a few minutes of test completion; the test itself can be taken using a Smartphone App or on a PC, at any time and in any place!
Versant assesses English ability using an advanced automatic language recognition system developed by Pearson. The reliable assessment which the Versant test provides has led to its use by many educational institutions and companies across the globe.

Versant Writing Test:
Assessing a range of written English skills in business situations.
The Versant™ Writing Test is an English proficiency test which measures writing skills. It assesses the use of everyday written English in a workplace environment. The test takes approximately 35 minutes and looks at writing abilities in the areas of Grammar, Vocabulary, Organization, Voice & Tone, and Reading Comprehension. The test questions reflect many different workplace situations that require written English, including taking notes, summarizing, and responding to emails.
The Versant Writing Test takes only 35 minutes.

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