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AGO Phonics Aqua (1st Edition Level 1) Set of 10 [AGO Card Game]

9,900円 5,940円
(w/o tax 5,400円)
ISBN:Bargain Bin 1329
Publisher AGO
Product Code:9784865391329
This product is back edition.

※ This product contains 10 identical decks of AGO.

A fun card game for students learning to read!

Target phonics sounds are clearly presented, with three common examples that players read as they play.
Competitive gameplay ensures students' focus and attention!

  • Based on the same gameplay as the original AGO series.
  • Each phonic card practices a different target phonic pattern.
  • Over 100 words to practice and learn in each deck!

64 x 89 mm
53 cards (36 phonics cards & 17 action cards)
2 rule cards (English & Japanese)

★AGO Phonics Sound Pad!

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