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Why Can't Elephants Jump?

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Author(s):Stephen Hampshire & Michael Bastings
Publisher Perceptia Press
Why Can’t Elephants Jump? is a fun packed bi-lingual 'copiable resource' book for teachers and ALT’s looking for engaging and motivating communication activities for their classes.

Why Can’t Elephants Jump? is a “leaping” collection of 33 fun-packed, tried and tested language practice activities presented with supportive step-by-step lesson plans and a comprehensive language support section to help you to get the most out of the materials.

Why Can’t Elephants Jump? is full of adaptable 50-minute teaching ideas and copiable materials with follow-up activities, activity additions, and variations that are easy use and cover a wide variety of language areas, student levels and class sizes.

Why Can’t Elephants Jump? is fully bilingual, making it an ideal resource for Japanese and native speaker teacher team-taught classes.

Use this book for:
* Junior / Senior high school Oral Communication classes
* Extra support for school coursebooks
* JTE and ALT team-teaching
* ESS classes
* Revitalizing students’ interest in English
* Making memorable moments in active English classes!

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