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Bedside Manner Intermediate

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Author(s):Simon Capper
Publisher Perceptia Press

Need new materials for your school?

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Need new materials for your school?

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Bedside Manner Intermediate is a practical course introducing nursing English in a variety of area-specific settings. It builds on the basic English of Bedside Manner Beginner, helping learners acquire the vital communicative essentials of their jobs, while simultaneously increasing awareness and understanding of medical English vocabulary through enjoyable communication puzzles and games.

Bedside Manner Intermediate also contains a series of short readings—Cultural Considerations and Communication Tips—designed to equip healthcare professionals better in dealing with intercultural communication. And finally, Bedside Manner Intermediate offers learners limitless opportunities to reinforce class-based practice through self-study with the Perceptia OLS (online learning support) system (subscription required).

In a step-by-step approach, with extensive scaffolding and review, learners can build the basic skills they need to help them avoid potentially stressful communication with English-speaking patients. The course also offers abundant downloadable language support and audio from the Perceptia Press website.

Bedside Manner Intermediate has been graded to Level 6 (mid-elementary, at a level of around 401–600 headwords) according to the levels in the Extensive Reading Foundation (ERF) Level Scale.

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Use this book for:
✔ Health-related general English classes
✔ Community centre classes
✔ Nursing, medical, health and welfare English classes

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