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Discover Conversation Student Book

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Author(s):Andy Boon / David Harrington
Publisher Halico

Need new materials for your school?

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Need new materials for your school?

Request Inspection Copy
Discover Conversation makes the world of spoken interaction understandable, accessible, and usable for students. It helps breaks down the complexity of real interactions into small manageable chunks. It provides easy to follow scaffolding activities that help build more authentic learner conversation in the classroom. Students have a BLAST; they Build, Listen, Analyze, Speak, & Transcribe!

Why you should be using Discover Conversation

・Exposure to real-life spoken conversations.
・Scaffolding exercises help students to understand the target conversations and build their confidence.
・Students transcribe their own conversations; thus, creating a permanent record of progress through the course.
・A unique / novel approach to oral communication classes.
・Has a structured approach but offers great flexibility to adapt.

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