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Endangered Animal Watch - (Single User)

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Author(s):John Spiri
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Product Code:Download JS_EAW1

Introduce facts about various endangered animals to English language learners. Learners listen, and fill out a blank chart about each animal. There are seven categories of facts: region, habitat, diet, reproduction, size, (endangered) status, and notes (covering miscellaneous information). Teachers are provided solutions which they read to learners. Beautiful A4 size photos of each animal are also provided so learners can visualize the animal they are learning about. The photos may be printed for learners (with the facts about that particular animal printed on the back side), or shown on a projector. One endangered animal may be introduced a week. Some of the animals are critically endangered, others just threatened, while others are probably extinct. This activity gives learners the opportunity to cultivate awareness about the plight of various animals and hopefully come to care more about them and the natural world.

  • Single teacher use only. If more than one teacher will be using this product please purchase additional copies. Please respect the creator's efforts!
  • Use with: Students over the age of 10
  • No. of pages: 73

Endangered Animal Watch Preview
Endangered Animal Watch Preview

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