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Verb Charades 1 With Reasons - (Single User)

(w/o tax 500円)
Author(s):John Spiri
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"Verb Charades 1 With Reasons" contains 100 cards which give students (EFL, ESL, children, etc.) the opportunity to practice verbs. Each card contains a verb, an image of that verb in action, and a hint that will aid students during the activity. The student holding the card does a gesture; his or her partner guesses the gesture by asking, "Are you ___ing?" Once a correct guess is confirmed, the person asks the card holder, "Why are you ___ing?" The card holder then uses the hint to answer. The verbs get progressively more difficult. This set contains the first 100 verbs, ten per A4 size page, and can be either printed onto a perforated name card ("A-one" meishi paper) or printed onto matte paper and cut along the dotted lines with scissors. Learners get a chance to move, play act and have fun with this activity--lots of laughter guaranteed! (Available with and without reasons written at bottom).

Number of cards: 100 (ten per A4 sized page)

  • Single teacher use only. If more than one teacher will be using this product please purchase additional copies. Please respect the creator's efforts!
  • Use with: Students over the age of 15
  • No. of pages: 13

Verb Charades 1 With Reasons Preview
Verb Charades 1 With Reasons Preview

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