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Mike's Janglish and Common Mistakes

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Author(s):Mike Cadman
Publisher Mike's ESL Books
This textbook is a collection of common mistakes Japanese learners of English make when speaking and writing. These mistakes are often called “Japanese-English”. However, I have reduced that and I simply call them “Janglish”.

Japanese people often make Janglish mistakes because they are translating directly from Japanese into English. In these cases, the expressions are completely natural in Japanese but will sound strange or not make sense in English.

Other Janglish mistakes simply come from a common habit people have of saying things in a certain way and others come from a misunderstanding of the true meaning of the words in English.

I have set up this textbook in the following way: The Janglish sentence is written first and will have an X placed in front of it. The Janglish mistake in the sentence will be highlighted in red. This will be followed by the natural English way to express that sentence with the correction highlighted in blue. The correct sentence will have a check mark placed in front of it. I have also included other ways to express the same sentence in natural English. There will be a thumbs up sign placed in front of these sentences. Finally, I have written down an explanation of the mistake and the grammar. These explanations are translated into Japanese.

 Paperback: 145 pages

 Language: English and Japanese

 Book Dimensions: 25.2 x 18 x 0.8 cm

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