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MOTIVATE'EM Language Cards

3,300円 1,650円
(w/o tax 1,500円)
Author(s):Lesley Koustaff & Paul Shimizu
Publisher Intercom Press
MOTIVATE'EM is a unique set of color-coped picture cards containing 50 noun )pink), 40 verb (yellow), 20 adjective (blue), 10 Preposition (green), 5 Shape and 5 color cards.

Suitable for groups of students aged 6 to 60

Printed on heavy cardstock for durability

A separate word card for each image is included

Color coding facilities mistake-free sentence construction

Mistake-free, yet creative environment builds student confidence and motivation

47 teaching ideas plus 20 blank cards for customization included

Cards are 10.4 x 6.9 cm. Just right for students to hold in their hands.

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