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Pocket Readers The Meeting

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Author(s):Andy Boon
Publisher Halico
Product Code:4
Word count:4565
The 10-book business reader series tells the story of your first year working in the product marketing department of ABC Convenience Stores. The series looks at skills and strategies for being successful in interviews, the first week on the job, giving presentations, taking part in meetings, writing emails, entertaining business clients, going overseas on business, dealing with office conflict, launching new products, and mentoring new staff.

The  story begins with you. You are going to chair your first business  meeting. The aim of the meeting is to discuss a partnership deal between  a famous fast food store, Underground Sandwiches and your company. The week before you begin the meeting you go to sleep  each night. You have many nightmares. In each nightmare, you make a lot  of mistakes. The business meeting is unsuccessful. As the date to the  real meeting approaches, you begin to feel more and more nervous. Will  the business meeting go smoothly? Will you be successful?

64 Pages

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