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Switchaplace 2 Cards (Download Version)

(w/o tax 600円)
Author(s):David Lisgo
Publisher David Lisgo
Product Code:DLSAP2
Switchaplace 2 Cards - (Single User Download Version)

This pack includes 60 different game cards representing 6 prepositions of movement. Each card has a picture, a printed form of the preposition and a sentence, which descibes the picture, for students to read. The pack also includes suggestions for a number of activities for individuals, pair work and group work involving all 4 skills, grammar and rules and Switchit cards for playing "Switchaplace" as well as optional backs and cover cards. Permission is granted to erase the sentences and challenge the students to a higher level game by creating their own sentence, which must include the target preposition.

4 cards per A4 sized page
  • Single teacher use only. If more than one teacher will be using this product please purchase additional copies. Please respect the creator's efforts!
  • Use with: Students over the age of 8
  • No. of pages: 22

Switchaplace 2 Cards Preview
Switchaplace 2 Cards Preview

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