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Adjective Cards 1 - (Single User)

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Author(s):John Spiri
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Product Code:Download JS_AC1

Adjective Cards 1 consist of 200 pairs of opposite adjectives that English language learners and children can use to play a guessing game in order to learn vocabulary in general and adjectives in particular. The cards are roughly arranged in order of frequency. The guessing game is quite simple: each learner quizzes her partner about the opposite adjective. For example, the partner holding a card asks, "What's the opposite of XXX?" If the listening partner doesn't know, the asking partner may give a hint, gesture, or word translation. Cards are passed around the room so all learners get the chance to guess. Learners will gain a deeper understanding of what an adjective is and deepen their knowledge of specific vocabulary with this enjoyable, interactive activity.

200 cards, ten per A4 sized page

  • Single teacher use only. If more than one teacher will be using this product please purchase additional copies. Please respect the creator's efforts!
  • Use with: Students over the age of 10
  • No. of pages: 23

Adjective Cards 1 Preview
Adjective Cards 1 Preview

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